bet9九州官网,(),是一家集设计、生产、销售中央厨房设备,饮食机械为一体的技术企业,主要产品包括蔬菜切割设备果蔬去皮清洗设备肉类加工分割设备等。总部设在苏州工业园区, 企业前身是一家大型集体用餐配送公司。2007年拓展一家团膳综合用品配送中心, 2009年在昆山注册了和谐康厨房设备有限公司, 2011年在苏州园区开设食品与餐饮行业自动化设备展销中心。


企业成立以来围绕餐饮和食品行业发展。公司总经理邵海先先生曾在大型肉制品厂和净菜加工企业担任高管, 既而为大型中央厨房系统规划设计、食品加工企业建厂规划、净菜中心系统规划奠定了一定的理论和实践基础。公司研发团队一致对食品安全有高度认识, 从而为企业研发生产的饮食设备走高端路线做了良好铺垫。
企业高层领导深知餐饮业和食品加工企业的设备使用情况和服务需求, 一贯秉承: “ 换位思考, 用户第一, 服务第一, 信誉第一” 的经营理念。近几年来在业内树立了良好的信誉和声望, 为了更好的寻求自身发展以及可以给客户提供更好的产品, 积极的与国际和国内领先品牌强强联手,立志打造成为一个餐饮设备与食品机械联合销售品牌— — 和谐康。不断进取的和谐康人愿与社会各界及业内资深人士一道“ 沟通” “ 探讨” “ 理解” 以致达成共识! 向一个和谐创新, 健康发展的前景迈进。


HARKS,The food machinery equipment institution, is engaged in the food and beverage industry. More specially it is involved in the research and development of automated food processing equipment and also sales of this equipment. Its headquarters are in the Suzhou new cooperation country industrial park.The company’s predecessor was a large collective food distribution company. The comprehensive supplies distribution center was developed in 2007,and The HARKS kitchen equipment Co, LTD was registered in Kunshan. In 2011 in Suzhou park, it opened the first domestic food and food industry automated equipment exhibition center.

Since the establishment of the enterprise , HARKS has developed in the field of food industry . Company general manager Mr. Shao Haixian once worked in a large -sized meat products factory and worked as senior executive in  vegetable processing enterprise, which laid the foundation for a large central kitchen system planning and design, food factory planning.For the whole company research and development team ,food safety is highly important.

Top business leaders know that the restaurant industry and food processing enterprise equipment usage and service demand, has always been healthy and uses”the perspective-taking, user first, service first, reputation first” business philosophy. In recent years in the industry HARKS has established a good reputation and popularity. In order to better their development and give their customers better Products, the international and domestic leading brand win-win team is committed to creating a domestic initiative ,catering equipment and food machinery joint sales brand–HARKS. Enterprising harmony with all walks of life and health are our domestic industry goals.The staff at HARKS agree that “communication” “discussion” and” understanding “can bring a healthy consensus and a bright future.