Taman Harum Cottages Hotel just a short drive to the centre of Ubud Taman Harum Cottages - true Balinese hospitality Taman Harum Cottages Ubud Bali -  a unique Balinese setting Taman Harum Cottages Ubud Bali - a  cultural experience Taman Harum Cottages Ubud  Bali - the fragrant garden Taman Harum Cottages Ubud Bali - the beauty of the traditional Balinese buildings

The essence of Balinese culture is found in the exquisite rice paddies village of Ubud

In the cool and breezy of the rice field, 17 traditional rooms and cottages are spread across the side of rice fields and lush tropical garden. In each, the Balinese architecture, decor, fine painting is of hotel standard while all the modern conveniences expected by the discerning international traveller are here. All are air-conditioned and have exotic garden bathrooms, convey the essence of the tropic.


Taman Harum Cottages Hotel Ubud Bali offers a unique cultural experience, where Bali's past, present and future can be enjoyed within the setting of the hotel...

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Taman Harum Cottages Hotel Spa provided traditional massages as well as a range of  full body massage offering a combination of Balinese relaxing and acupressure...

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Taman Harum Cottages Hotel's The Garden restaurant has an extensive cellar, view of the garden, fish ponds and offers the choice of Western, Indonesian, Balinese and Chinese cuisine...

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